My carrier started as a graphic designer and photographer and then shifted to web design after a couple of years. After a while I decided to make a change and start working with furniture design. It has been a passion of mine my whole life.
2020-         Product Developer at INR - Iconic Nordic Rooms
2019-2020 Consultant at AFRY working for INR - Iconic Nordic Rooms
2019-2019 Design Consultant at Science Park - Concept Development for and product development för Separett
2016-2017 Web designer at TicTac Interactive
2015-2016 Web Designer at Simpel Agency
2011-2015 Graphic Designer at TicTac Interactive
2009-2012 Freelance Graphic Designer and Photographer
2009-2011 Graphic Designer at United Öresund
2017-2019 Product Development with Furniture Design at Jönköping University
2013-2014 Cross Mobile Publishing at Malmö Yrkeshögskola
2005-2008 Architecture and Interior at Universitetsholmens Gymnasium
2020 TräArt at Kulturgatan Bodafors with The Lamino Bike
2019 TräArt at Kulturgatan Bodafors with ASK
2019 Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair with ASK
2018 The Swedish Pavilion at Cannes Film Festival with Monokrom
2018 Greenhouse at Stockholm Furniture Fair with Monokrom
2019 Göte och Linnéa Öhrskogs stiftelse for a project incorporating swedish hemslöjd in modern furniture production. 
2018 Göte och Linnéa Öhrskogs stiftelse for my commitment and results in my studies.
2008 Scholarship for outstanding performance during studies in Architecture and Interior at Universitetsholmens Gymnasium
2019-11-05 Trä & Möbelforum - Lamino blir en cykel
2019-10-12 Swedese - Lamino blir en cykel: The Lamino Bike
2019-02-05 P4 Jönköping - Möbler som ska få oss att prata om psykisk ohälsa
2019-01-31 Smålands Dagblad - Studenter stolta över bidrag till Möbelmässan

Me and my stool at the Cannes Film Festival